Nuremberg the „Secret Capital“ of Bavaria

The river Pegnitz divides the old town into two districts: Sebald and Lorenz, named after the two main churches. Above both rises the medieval castle. When you visit Nuremberg you can feel the Middle Ages alive.

Pegnitz-Ausschnitt Bratwurst_01 by Angela_Ditze Burgblick

The city ist one of Germany’s points of interest. In the „Jewel Case of the German Empire“, famous artists as Albrecht Dürer and Hans Sachs, Veit Stoß and Peter Fischer, Adam Kraft and Peter Henlein flourished. If we are thinking of Nuremberg, we  have Lebkuchen (gingerbread) and fried sausages, toys, The Meistersinger, the Nuremberg Funnel, its Christmas Market and its mighty city walls (the largest in Europe) in mind.

Also the Imperial Diets in the Middle Ages were held in Nuremberg.

As well as the Nazi Party Rallies, the Nuremberg Laws and the Nuremberg Trials of top Nazi criminals. The attraction of my hometown lies in its contrasts between that what has been preserved and the living spirit of the city.